Our Features:

-Easy to Install
-No more fighting with wire or cords
-Light Weight - Only 4 pounds
-Fits fans to most stalls
-Improved fly control
-Keeps bedding drier
-Powder Coated, Mfg Welded Steel
-Plastic Safety Tips
-Proudly Made in the USA

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Other Uses:

Our Fan holders can be used in many other ways,here are a few tips where we've found them to be useful!

-Tack Stall
-Sitting Areas in the Show Barn
-Dog Runs and Kennels
-Covered Porches and Patios

Buy Now Only $29.95

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Saber 4 Fan Holders


One of the most common questions we get at the Saber 4 booth during horse shows is “Why is
it better to use your fan holder instead of just bungee cording them on the front of the stall?
” The simple answer is that you want your animal to be as cool and comfortable as
possible so that they can perform at their optimum capabilities in the show ring, out on the trail,
or, whatever equine pursuit you enjoy.

Horses and mules like other show livestock are prey animals; as such they want to be able to
see and hear as clearly as possible. When a fan is put up with a bungee cord or strap (pictured above) it creates a loud blind spot that they don’t want to stand in front of, which means that they
effectively are not getting the most benefit from the fan you put up for their benefit. Additionally,
since heat rises, a fan which blows strait across a stall doesn’t get much air circulating in the
areas of a stall that are the hottest.

My fan holders are designed to place the fan (pictured above) in the best position to both allow
the animal a free field of view from their stall and to put the most air into the entire stall as
possible. Set-up and take-down is made easier on you with this light-weight holder.


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Thank you so much for getting the fan holders packed and shipped so
quickly. We put them up yesterday and they are great.
We may replace our other noisy, big stall fans with your holders. The
inexpensive box fans can be replaced, but they are so much quieter and
your holders position them just right.

Many thanks

Tom & Betsy Eager


My friends and I have purchased your fan holders from The Horse of Course. They are fantastic! They have worked well and fit at away horse shows where we don’t know what the stalls are like; custom built stalls, and typical Priefert stalls. I like that they fit the high velocity fans as well. Your design is simple, safe and easy to install take down!

Katherine E. Caballero


Hi Robert,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and use your fan racks. With your design I can hang them anywhere I go with my Miniature Donkeys. Plus, they are sturdy enough to survive many trips in the trailer!

I never hesitate to recommend them to friends and they have been pleased with them as well. Please let me know of any other new products you start making.

Sally Armstrong
Donkey-Oaties Miniature Donkeys


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